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Inspired by our Love for Guy Fieri Shirts that Have ATTITUDE

If you're a fan of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Guy Fieri, his attitude, and his cool retro shirts, then you should check out our retro bowling shirts. 

 Of course, the type of guy fieri clothing you choose depends on your 'tude, so we thought we'd list some typical guy attitudes and the shirts to match.Flame Shirt

Putting on the Heat. And we don't mean the thermostat. In whatever you do—be it business or pleasure—you're always putting the heat on  your opponent. And whil e  you usually like to keep this attitude under wraps and let people discover it over time, there are moments when a visual warning helps knock your opponent off his feet. And this retro bowling shirt accomplishes exactly that.

Shirt Guy Wears


No Shades of Gray. People always know where they stand with you, because you see things in black and white. You speak your mind. You have convictions. And you know what you want. We think you're going to want this shirt to go with that attitude of yours.

Big Guy

Guy Fieri (Shirt) Wannabe. Maybe you like to cook. Or maybe you just love eating at your favorite greasy spoon. Maybe you have really crazy bleach-blonde spiky hair.   Or maybe you think you should star in your own reality TV show. That's okay. Emulation is the sincerest form of flattery, and  everyone's gotta dream, right? We think this shirt would be perfect for Guy Fieri, er…we mean YOU!

Guy Fieri Shirt 

The Artist. You can picture yourself writing away in Key West, just like Hemingway, or hanging with fellow bohemians near Half Moon  Bay in San Francisco. Or perhaps you're thinking Paris: a quiet café and fervent discussions on love, philosophy, and religion. Your aura says artiste. And so does this shirt.

Retro Bowling Shirts

Vintage Spirit. You long for the days of yesteryear, only because the slower pace is more your style. All this tweeting and texting just isn't for you. You want to hearken back to the    days when a good time included bowling on a Saturday night followed by pizza and burgers and fountain drinks. Your vintage spirit spills over into your clothes. And why shouldn't it when you can have a great-looking shirt like this one?