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Steady Clothing

Steady Clothing

Grab you grease, comb your “Duck Tail” and grow those sideburns….we’re going back in time to the 1950’s when Elvis was the King and TV was in it’s Golden Age. When one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, Rockabilly began and where fashion got its attitude! Just like the styles back then, our collection of Steady® clothing is a blend of classic, clean looks that even today is never dated.

The Steady® clothing collection stands out with custom fabrics, novelty buttons, unique screening techniques and great workmanship. It is truly original, edgy style!

Think tattoo’s, rock-n-roll and vintage style and you’ll be Steady®.

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  1. Pin Up Girl Shirts ~ Pin Up Shirt

    Classy & Bashful : Men's PinUp Shirt
  2. Hard Luck

    Hard Luck
  3. Skull Red Plaid Mens Rockabilly Shirt

    Chaos : Skull Rockabilly Shirt - CLOSEOUT

    Regular Price: $74.95

    Special Price: $55.95

  4. The Drunk Money - CLEARANCE

    The Drunk Money - CLEARANCE

    Regular Price: $64.95

    Special Price: $43.95

  1. Diamond Note Applique - CLOSEOUT

    Diamond Note Applique - CLOSEOUT

    Regular Price: $65.95

    Special Price: $49.95

  2. Pin Up Girl Shirts ~ Pin Up Shirt

    Naughty : Men's PinUp Shirt

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Relive the past and strut that hipster lifestyle by choosing to wear Rock Steady clothing. Steady Clothing offers some of the best in fashion for young hipsters everywhere, yet this modern apparel also provides an edgy look with a classic feel. Bowling Concepts offers the Steady Clothing brand that customers want, including the Classics, Last Call & Customs and Rock Steady lines.

Rock Steady

Although pop culture evolves on a daily basis, Steady clothing keeps the past alive and allows both men and women to create a look that is unique to them. Choose from a variety of Rock ‘N’ Roll inspired shirts from the Rock Steady line, complete with skulls and crossbones that give men the strong look they desire; also, Rock Steady provides themes that include tattoo flash and Dia De Los Muertos.

While the Rock Steady line keeps it cool and savvy with custom fabrics and tight graphics, the Rock Steady Go line offers similar contemporary styles for children. Even though kids will love these lighthearted phrases, the designs are anything but cute. The Rock Steady Go line provides hardcore tattoo flash and other designs for kids who want to showcase their rock steady lifestyle.

Rock Steady is not just for men; women also have a line dedicated to them. For the pin-up girl, choose the Rock Steady line that gives Kat Von D her unique style. This vintage collection allows women to mix and match different fashions to create a modern contemporary look.

Classics, Last Call & Customs

This section is devoted to the lounge king in everyone, which is inspired by the hipster that is still alive today. These shirts are a standard when dressing for the martini bar or heading to the next classic car show. Choose from a long list of cocktail-inspired designs and other themes, such as playing cards, dice, pin-up girls and horseshoes.

We have so much Rock Steady clothing to choose from that even Charlie Sheen would be blown away by the selection. Browse the shirts here and be dressed for success for that next trip to the jazz club.  
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