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Tiki Shirts

Tiki Shirts

Bring The Gold Beaches And Palm Trees To You!
Stunning And Elegant Tiki Shirts!

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  1. Tiki N Bamboo ~ Tiki Shirt

    Tiki N Bamboo ~ Tiki Shirt

  3. Royal Bowling Shirt

    Retro TikiCrab
  4. RetroFlamingo ~ FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL

    Lucky Paradise
    RetroFlamingo ~ FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL

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    Lucky Paradise

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So it’s raining, and you’re sitting at your desk, staring out of the window, the dark grey clouds making the world seem dull and as if you’ll never see the beach again.

Maybe that’s true...

So why not wear the beach, and bring it to you! Who needs to worry about booking that trip out to Hawaii when you can own your very own piece of the little golden island and get yourself a stylish Tiki shirt that your friends and family will love as well?

Feel the love of stunning beaches by browsing our one-of-a-kind sun-soaked styles available! From bright blues to black and grey, there’s a color to make it match to any of those schemes you’ve got at home. It’s comfortable for those glorious days of blazing sunshine, and the high quality, colorful material will shine bright even in the day!

Even the metal tiki buttons give these tiki bowling shirts a beautiful authentic feel, carved into the shape of a tiki. Best of all, you won’t even need a dry cleaner to get those pesky stains out of it either, just pop it into the wash and do it as you would the rest of your washing. Comes out good as new, and ready for you to eagerly wear once again!

Our tiki bowling shirts are cool, comfortable, fashionable, and will turn heads wherever you go, so what is there not to like? So stop feeling down about the weather and that lack of suntan. Bring it to the confines of your wardrobe and take the holiday with you.

Order yours now, and wear the sun wherever you go!

It’s time for you to stand out from the crowd with these awesome shirts - Hawaiian and island inspired with totems, palm trees, flames etc.

Look Your Best Today!

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